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10 best foods to eat during the rainy season

Monsoon is one of our favourite seasons; after all, isn't it the ideal season? The weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. The mild temperature, mixed with magnificent cloud formations and cool raindrops, can both heighten and satisfy all of your senses. But, of course, with such beautiful weather all around, you're likely to want to eat something that complements the surroundings.

When the heavens erupt in a mighty roar, the bowels demand some lip-smacking meal with a mighty roar of their own! So, what is it about the monsoon that distinguishes it from all other seasons and causes you to crave a wide range of foods? Nobody truly knows why, although it could be because of the pleasant climate it delivers. But we DO know what delicious meals you may eat to keep yourself fed during the rainy season! The most fantastic meals to eat during the rainy season are listed below.

Cutting Chai.

In this cold, wet weather, traditional masala tea or ginger tea is ideal. However, when it comes to the monsoon, this is the drink to have, and whether you're standing on the streets or inside a building, the combination of rain and tea is sure to lift your spirits and make you feel extremely at ease.

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Ah! It's fantastic to eat sizzling hot pakoras or bhajiyas on the street as the city is drenched in the rain. The hot fried chillies that come with it, as well as the chutneys, contribute to a fantastic overall experience.

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Another hot, crispy dish that we all want during the rainy season. When consumed while getting drenched in the rain, these spicy food pockets are likely to heighten your senses and raise your mood.

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Bhutta is nothing more than a corn stick roasted over a traditional coal fire to give it a charred flavour. It's then topped with a tangy masala prepared with black pepper, salt, red chilli powder, and lemon juice, which brings all of the tastes together.

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Aloo Paratha

A complete dinner of hot aloo paratha with chilled curd and tart pickle is one of the best foods to eat during the rainy season. The combination of hot aloo paratha and cold curd creates a pleasant yet contrasting flavour that is nothing short of delightful when accompanied by the cool breeze and raindrops striking your face.

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Vada Pav

This traditional Mumbai snack is one of the most excellent foods to eat during the rainy season. Hot vadas filled in soft pavs are served with spicy chutneys and green chillies for an all-around spicy experience.

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Pav Bhaji

Another culinary item to enjoy during the rainy season is this classic Mumbai dish. The hot and spicy bhaji is paired with soft and buttery Tava cooked pavs. The combination of spicy bhaji, pavs, and chopped onions is fantastic, and it's even better when consumed while watching rainfall or after getting soaked.

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Chaat Chatpate

These spicy snack foods are sure to provide you with a great experience when eaten during the rainy season, whether it's at a street-side chaat corner or in the comfort of your own home.

These chaat products, from paani puri to bhel puri, are adequately spicy, which is presumably why they go so well with the cold rains.

Idli Sambar

This traditional South Indian dish is ideal for the rainy season while also being nutritious. The hot and spicy sambhar served with the perfectly-steamed idlies is sure to strike the spot, and it pairs well with the monsoon's chilling winds.

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Ah! When it's raining, the sensation of hot soup running down your throat is unrivalled, and it instantly lifts your spirits. The warm feeling on the inside and the cold feeling of the rain on the outside creates the ideal experience. Besides, drinking these boiling soups during the rainy season, when the water quality may not be up to pace, is quite healthful.

After reading this list, we hope that you've already started adding additional meals to your list of things to eat during the monsoon season. You can find the ingredients to all your monsoon recipes on OTPxpress- the best online grocery shopping app in Bangalore

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