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6 International Celebs Who Swear By Organic Foods

6 International Celebs who swear by Organic Foods

Many Hollywood stars and well-known celebrity mothers are no longer merely treading the red carpet in search of attention for their films and performances. Many are keen gardeners with their own organic garden, and they live an organic lifestyle that includes not just organic food but also organic baby toys, bedding, and clothing in order to provide the greatest health care and nutrition for their children. A huge variety of fresh organic vegetables and fruits are available at OTPxpress, the best grocery shopping app in Bangalore.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow, an Oscar-winning actress best recognised for her role in Shakespeare in Love (1998), is noted for her long-standing passion for all things organic. She's started a website called Goop.com with the goal of "nourishing the inner aspect" in accordance with her dietary philosophy of eating locally, seasonally, and always organically — just like she feeds her daughter Apple and son Moses. She's also been chosen Hollywood's most despised star, owing to her promotion of a lavish organic lifestyle. Despite this, she has a sizable cult following and continues to sell organic products through her website.

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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman became concerned about the world's rapidly dwindling honey bee population and resolved to do his part to help them recover. He constructed his own apiary, purchased 26 beehives, and transformed his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a Bee Sanctuary by planting as many flowering plants as he could. He now devotes much of his time to beekeeping, and he does so without the use of a protective veil.

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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts joined the "Save Our Soils" initiative, which aims to stop irresponsible farming and encourages people to buy organic to safeguard the environment. She also cultivates and grows an organic garden as part of her commitment to living organically. America's darling is so dedicated that her children are learning to grow their own organic garden as well! Julia Roberts is said to think it's a great hobby that encourages people to eat locally and seasonally.

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Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Arquette, an American actress, producer, and director who is also the mother of Coco, says she strives to "be as green as possible" for their daughter. Courteney Cox is best recognised for her roles as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom Friends, Gale Weathers in the horror film "Scream," and Jules Cobb on ABC/Cougar TBS's Town. Coco encouraged her father, David Arquette, to form a partnership with two of his friends to start "propr," a high-end clothing line that uses a considerable percentage of organic cotton in its design.

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Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is an American fashion designer and author who is best known for her five-year tenure on the television show The Simple Life. She is outspoken about wanting her family to eat organic food, and her spouse, Joel Madden, a well-known rock performer, musician, and music producer, can often be found at the Brentwood Farmers Market carrying organic bread, fruit, and veggies.

As part of their objective to raise awareness for family health care, nutrition, and education, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gifted 100 needy parents and moms-to-be with $200,000 worth of items, including organic cleaning supplies, when they started their Richie-Madden Children's Foundation in 2007. You can also get fresh organic groceries with the help of OTPxpress, an online grocery shopping app.

Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller is more likely to be associated with the world of London high fashion than with gardening. Gardening, for Savannah Miller, who founded the line "Twenty8Twelve" with her sister Sienna after working with Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson, is as Fashion Forward as her 2012 collection "Savannah."

That's why she spent so much time cultivating and maintaining the three-quarter-acre garden with colourful roses, lavender, and alliums at her Gloucestershire house. As the daughter of a gardening enthusiast, she enjoyed spending time in the garden with her three tiny children, which had a sandpit, a fish pond, and a willow hut where her children could play. She also enjoyed cooking with the fresh produce from her own organic vegetable garden. The garden was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise hectic life.

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Elizabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley, an actress and model linked with the Estée Lauder cosmetics firm (think Vanessa Kensington in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) or the Devil in Bedazzled (2000)), is particularly widely recognised for her organic credentials. She began farming in 2003 when she and her ex-husband Arun Nayer bought 400 acres of land in Gloucestershire. She claims that she continues to hone her talents even after selling the vast plot of land, and she testifies to how it completely changed her son Damian's dietary habits. She is also a strong supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which she founded

Whether it's wildflowers, greens, or fruits, many celebrities are now growing and maintaining their gardens using organic ways. They are becoming aware of the harmful health effects of today's widely used chemicals and are opting for natural, organic horticultural ways to maintain their veggies, fruits, and flowers, as well as their clothing and bedding, pesticide and chemical-free.

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