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Best nutrition food that will make your kid fall in love with

Best nutrition food

Children are known to be picky about food; getting them to eat healthily and helping them stay active is an arduous task. Children often develop a natural preference for the best nutrition food they love to eat most.

So, the challenge is to make attractive, healthy choices. ( We have a solution for that. How about covering healthy meals under the wrapper of your favourite food? Without making healthy food dull, renew junk food with staples like grains, wheat and ragi accompanied by delicious veggies and fruits.

According to the best nutrition food from Delhi, "The body needs of children vary according to different age groups. Young children are attracted to many shapes, sizes and bright colours. Green roti, for example, can be roti with the goodness of spinach or fried rice with a hint of turmeric and green vegetables. Another form is fried vegetable batter, such as carrots or sweet potatoes. Also, give your kids plenty of probiotics, such as cottage cheese with freshly chopped mango or cucumber or sweet lassi.” (Eat with your children for their well-being) Rewrite the menu for your children; they would still have pizzas but made with a multigrain base and healthy vegetables as a topping. They still chewed the cookies but swapped the store-bought ones for calcium-rich ragi cookies.

This one is a great way to curb your fast-food cravings and keep an eye on your salt and sugar intake. Another way to get them to eat healthy meals is to work on presentation. A bowl of soup with a splash of artistically served cream or chopped fruit like bananas, strawberries, oranges and kiwis creatively presented on a brightly coloured plate will draw kids to fun foods.

(Children who skip breakfast at risk of diabetes) best nutrition food. "You should play with colours and make an effort to present the food. Cold, colourful fruits like watermelons are always a hit.

Watermelon cut into triangles with the peel still attached works well in my home”. Alternatively, you can use a melon baller to make melon and watermelon meatballs. This is an excellent 11 o'clock snack with some nuts, "says (Is your kid a fussy eater? Here's what NOT to say) Here's a treasure trove of ten healthy recipes your kids will make

1. Multigrain pizza

The classic pizza base with a healthy multigrain base. Use fresh pesto instead of ketchup and some healthy toppings and its best nutrition food for your child.

2. Lentil and mushroom burger

Make burgers with mushrooms and stick some lentils in them. Put them between the wholemeal bread, serve and watch them disappear are best nutrition food.

3. Ragi biscuits

Ragi contains calcium, which makes it great for growing children. However, the ragi turns brown during cooking and can easily pass for chocolate chip cookies.

You can also try oatmeal and raisin cookies for a change. Let them experiment in the kitchen with you as they roast, so they learn how to eat healthily.

4. Coconut and banana biscuits

Bananas with lemon and sea salt covered in breadcrumbs and dried coconut and then roasted to perfection. Honey with caramelized banana.

5. Atta cake without eggs

Recipe Yogurt, cinnamon, nuts, whole wheat flour and brown sugar - all together will make a healthy cake for tea time. Surprise them with a surprise now and then.

6. Melon and kiwi smoothie

Recipe from Blend Kiwi, melon, grape, papaya, honey, milk and oatmeal together for a delicious and refreshing summer smoothie.

You can serve this satisfying cold drink between meals or as a quick, healthy breakfast.

7. Cooking pasta with mushroom sauce

Recipe Nothing beats homemade pasta with creamy mushroom sauce.

Choose wholemeal penne and add some vegetables. You can also be mixed the vegetables with the sauce.

8. Oat Idli

User Recipe Made with roasted oats, mustard seeds, urad dal, Channa dal, a pinch of powdered and steamed turmeric, these idles make an excellent healthy meal for lunch.

9. Fresh Bhel corn

The recipe is served under a spicy chutney glaze, lemon juice and fresh coriander. This serves as an excellent late-night snack.

10. Chicken meatballs and spinach soup

Recipe Spring green onions, garlic, crumbled chicken cubes, mushrooms, spinach leaves and bean sprouts come together to create this super delicious yet wholesome and complete meal.

11. Yogurt

"Yoghurt is a wonderful choice for breakfast, a snack or even a dessert, but you should be careful about the added sugar content," says Katie Andrews, MS, RD, a child best nutrition food trainer and owner of Wellness by Katie."

Yogurt also provides probiotics, good bacteria that are important in maintaining a healthy gut. An easy way to choose healthy yogurt? Buy plain Greek yogurt, with no extra added sugar, plus twice the protein of regular yogurt.

Most flavoured yogurts contain sugar; some new products are flavoured only with fruit, but simplicity is always a safe bet. Then, dress up baby yogurt even further by turning it into yogurt popsicles or frozen yogurt husks.

12. Sweet potato

Are you short on time and need something best nutrition food? Wash sweet potato, chop and microwave for 3-5 minutes (depending on size). Cut to length, let cool and pour into your baby's plate.

Whether your child is 6 months, 6 or 16 years old, sweet potatoes are attractive in every way (because they are sweet!). They are rich in vitamin A (over 300% of an adult's daily value), fiber and potassium. Limiting salt and increasing potassium keeps your blood pressure and heart-healthy.

Tips for getting your kids to eat healthy foods

How can you get your kids to eat more of these super healthy foods? Try these ideas.

Use MyPlate as a guide.

Try to make half the fruit and vegetables on your plate, a quarter of whole grains, such as whole-grain bread or pasta, and a quarter of protein, such as eggs, meat, cheese, beans, or nuts.

Remember that your job as a parent is to provide various best nutrition food; it is your child's job to eat it. Get your kids involved in cooking, and they will be more likely to try the best nutrition food.

Try these 10 easy dinners that kids can help prepare. To make your task easy and save your time, You can order all the required ingredients from an online shopping grocery app.

Serve family-style food so children can choose what and how much they would like to eat from the food on the table. "Be a healthy eating role," Fogt also recommends. "Children watch your every move!

For example: sit with your children, eat yourself every 3-4 hours, enjoy healthy snacks and meals, make meals fun and relaxing, play during meals, talk, get rid of phones during meals, take the pressure off food and make it a time to connect. Because in our busy lives, this time of rest is sacred and not about food. "

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