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Contactless curbside pickup post-covid a new normal to shop groceries

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

contactless curbside pickup
Contactless curbside pickup post-covid a new normal to shop groceries

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 disrupted almost everything in how people interact, which significantly impacted the retail, grocery, and restaurant industries. Whether it's contactless payment terminals, roadside pickup or other contactless shopping experiences, contactless curbside pickup, consumers are clamouring for ways to return to the retail and food shopping experiences they want by adding an extra layer of security.

The changes in retail will last, and companies that use technology to set new rules will thrive.

While we all hope for an effective treatment or vaccine that can help alleviate the suffering of millions of people, we must accept that these changes will be lasting for these industries, and even a vaccine will not. It means a quick return to the status quo. However, one thing that hasn't changed is that customers will still be looking for great retail experiences, and companies will have the opportunity to meet them in this new space and earn loyalty by delivering consistent deliveries. Technology is the element that will fill the gap in today's competitive environment, and companies that use it quickly and effectively will be able to set the new standard that will define future consumer interactions.

COVID-19 only accelerated the changes that were already underway

When world-changing events such as a global pandemic occur, it is easy to attribute any changes in the market to them. But anyone following the retail industry knows that many different types of businesses in the sector were already facing new challenges in engaging consumers long before the new normal. The effects produced by COVID-19 accelerated the process. They introduced some unique elements into the equation, but many retailers were already facing a "failure or failure" scenario before the pandemic.

Some industry innovators have already begun to adapt to a reality defined by the digital experience. For example, close to our Seattle office is an Amazon Go grocery store that offers an entirely contactless curbside pickup experience - where you walk through the store to select your items, exit the store and pay directly in your app.

A few months ago, an easy and intuitive contactless curbside pickup on the road was a luxury for retailers and restaurants, but it became a necessity very quickly. There are two main things companies can do to navigate the "fit" path in the fit-or-fail scenario: (1) implement a door-to-door collection solution that delivers value to consumers (2) do it quickly.

An innovative contactless curbside pickup solution offers an immediate advantage.

However, even though customer needs are now apparent, many retailers will not capitalize on the opportunity to interact with them in a post-COVID-19 world. Instead, they are devoting their energies to developing makeshift return mechanisms that require customers to contact the store by phone or SMS when they are ready to take the order. This may work in the short term, but it won't be good enough as more and more people move away from quarantine and look for retail options that meet their needs.

You need a comprehensive, easy-to-use, door-to-door collection solution that can be deployed quickly, and Glympse is ready to help you thrive after the pandemic. Our unique solution harnesses the power of location data to connect customers and archive employees rapidly and accurately, and automatic arrival detection frees the customer from the need for further action. In addition, store employees can use Glympse's location sharing data to locate a specific customer's parking lot to ensure each transaction is completed in record time, without confusion or error. Best of all, the Glympse contactless curbside pickup solution is ready to use in your business now, so contact us today to find out how you can use Glympse to deliver exceptional customer experiences that will drive your success.

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