• Aman Sonkar

Freshness that comes with guarantee

When our prime minister came and announced a nationwide lockdown. The e-

Commerce business was affected due to lockdown restrictions imposed by the government

on the selling of non-essential items and delivery-related bottlenecks to contain the spread of the pandemic. All the country was in a profound dilemma regarding essential services.

The whole supply chain was on the edge of disruption. One concern showed by all the citizens was regarding the freshness of produce. As there were check-ins at every step,

things are getting delayed. And the freshness part was getting hampered. Checking the

quality with maintaining contactless was getting tough. Along with the delivery problem,

another problem was perishability or low shelf life. And perishable means it is not possible

for consumers to stock up in equal amounts and keep fresh food for weeks on end at home.

So, in my journey. I went through various companies. The race to provide fresh produce is

on high priority. Multiple companies like Ninjakart: direct farm to business. Which solves the

different problems of prices and supply chain-related. But bringing in a mediator tends to

increase the cost for stores like OTPxpress, which sells at a Meager cost. So, an idea to

maintain and keep groceries fresh. Companies are preferring to follow the root of direct

farms to the consumer with zero waste management.

OTPxpress brings out the list of farmers from the nearby area and their list of produce.

Further, they also decide the crop that will be cultivated in the upcoming months. So, the

farmer raises a ticket to produce a particular date X. As soon, the company receives the

signal of ready and harvested produce. OTP team, prepared with the refrigerated container,

reaches the farmer. Then they load the produce with machines and contactless gloves to

keep grocery safe.

They come to the warehouse, where they get cleaned at priority. Later, it gets checked with

quality and size parameters. Once qualifying for further, produces are in proper monitoring

to sort out the waste build. Later, another quality check happens with a high standard

parameter. This double-check makes sure the customer gets the best value from our effort

at lower prices. After the quality check, produces are packed according to orders and

delivered as soon as possible to our valuable customers.

Genuinely believing and creating trust for a brand like OTPxpress is very important. Double

quality checks and fresh produces can be game-changing efforts any company can put. I

hope these companies are putting our health over everything.

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