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How fruits and vegetables online market changing customers buying behaviour?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

fruits and vegetables online market
How fruits and vegetables online market changing customers buying behaviour?


The fruits and vegetables online market retail sector is the fastest-growing sector in the Indian economy and is currently the largest employer sector after agriculture. Some economists argue that retail is one of the pillars of the Indian economy. From fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, spices and condiments to packaged products, beverages, toiletries, meats, and many other products are available. Consumers today want the cheapest, most effective and fastest product from their retailer. They are moving towards the revolution of the eastern business model. Daily, purchasing behaviour of consumers is changed due to an increase in income that is influencing the purchase of the product.

The research aims to analyze the factors influencing the buying behaviour of fruits and vegetables online market customers in the sector; another part is the reason for the friction of customers in the large retail industry. The big basket is a new type of market that has emerged in India since 2011. It is the type of market where various kinds of products are available under one roof. This study focuses on consumer purchasing behaviour concerning purchasing fruit and vegetables in a large online retail company. It also focuses on customer attrition concerning online fruit and vegetable purchases in the study area. Finally, it also focuses on analyzing customer complaints in the study region. For this project, the descriptive cross-sectional research design was followed. A descriptive research project describes the state of affairs as it currently exists. It includes polls and polls of different types.

The researcher used this survey model to find out the opinion of the respondents. These studies are sometimes called "correlational" or "observational" studies. Descriptive studies may involve a single interaction with groups of people. A study describes the buying behaviour of customers and the reasons for customer friction at a given time during the study period. The data was only collected once by the respondents, so this is a cross-sectional descriptive survey project.

The project's primary focus is the friction with customers when they buy fruits and vegetables online market in Surat. We find that most customers complain about the quality of fruit and vegetables and the price of fruit and vegetables higher than to another competitor. Finally, we concluded that the basic food basket required more customer focus, given the essential factor for buying fruit and vegetables and trying to keep existing customers as long as possible for better sales and reduce the friction with customers; if a customer is dissatisfied, he abandons the other customers; if customers are satisfied, they say positive things to their friends and family.

Consumer shopping behaviour towards fresh fruit and vegetables: a literature review

In the fruits and vegetables online market, customers increasingly expect superior quality and service and a certain degree of customization. They are marketing an "experience" rather than a variety of products. Subsequently, small retailers based in stores are succumbing to the growing power of giant retailers. Large outlets or the shopping mall phenomenon are changing the way urban consumers shop. At the same time, showing a gradual acceptance of organized retail stores and significantly increasing their spending in shopping malls.

The particularities of the fruit and vegetable online market

The fruits and vegetables online market is a market with many particularities because the products are easily perishable and represent an essential nutritional component for consumers. Due to these aspects, the fruits and vegetables online market presents many challenges, from its production process to distribution to the final consumer. The challenge in the fruit and vegetable production process is the quality of the products. On the one hand, the quality of fruit and vegetables in terms of their content, namely the elimination of unwanted substances ​​such as chemicals, bacteria and other substances used during the production process.

Another aspect of being considered is the pollution of the external environment such as soil, air or even rain, challenging to influence. On the other hand, from the consumer's point of view, the quality of the product represents the subjective judgment about the taste or even about the appearance. To guarantee the quality of agri-food products, a series of standards have been developed, both at the European Union and national level. All these regulations must ensure the safety and quality of fruits and vegetables and must be taken into account by companies operating in the sector. From the logistical point of view of a company or producer of fruit and vegetables, the big challenge is to bring quickly perishable products to the consumer at the right time, without harming the quality of the products.

On the one hand, these companies must have well-developed logistical systems to ensure that products are transported in good condition. On the other hand, they must guarantee adequate storage conditions to maintain the quality of the products, since the quality of fruits and vegetables online market, like any other natural product, deteriorates over time. The latest challenge for companies is to convince customers to buy and consume products at the right time, before their natural deterioration. So, they need to develop a good sales plan and find the right marketing tools to persuade consumers to buy the products.

online vegetable app

Why is being an online vegetable app good for your grocery store?

Digital appearance is very important for an online vegetable app today. There are multiple reasons for this.

Customers are now buying online vegetables.

It is owing to the shift in trends of consumer buying. Recent cases such as the coronavirus have made people widely depend on the 'online vegetable app'. It is safer and comfortable. Moreover, you have more choices, and you get delivery from the comfort of your place.

Marketing made easy

You can sell and market easily with an online vegetable app. For example, groceries typically wish to attract buyers residing in nearby areas. Modern-day digital marketing allows you to take advantage of precise location-based targeting.

Online Branding

With your online vegetable app, you can reach more effectively, message how you want and brand your store. Every brand stands for something different. An uncommon brand is more likely to attract people. So list down- what divides you from the rest., what your fantasy is, what do you want consumers to know about you.


Research on consumer behaviour shows that most consumers are very analytical about the fruits and vegetables online market. Most of them review the product, although the reasons behind the review are different. Some decisions are based on cognitive aspects, such as the best price or the best alternative, while others are based on emotional elements, such as which product you like best. Based on this behaviour, a company can adjust its marketing strategy. The survey results show that the consumer's decision regarding fruit and vegetables is made in the store and not before purchasing. Therefore, the focus of a company's marketing strategy that sells fruits and vegetables online market should be on the tools at the point of sale. Only the use of tools with which a company reacts can increase the success of that company.

online grocery shopping app has now made easy veggies and fruits shopping. Today with the help of mobile apps you can buy all the essential ingredients right at your doorstep.

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