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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Amla & it’s importance in everyday diet

Health Benefits of Amla, Importance of Amla in everyday diet, Benefits of Amla
5 Amazing Health Benefits of Amla & it’s importance in everyday diet

While growing up, we were always told by the elders to eat Amla as it has a lot of surprising health benefits.

The Indian gooseberry(Amla) is undoubtedly a nutrient powerhouse and the best thing is it is available everywhere in India, in any state, any locality or even you can easily find those from any nearby stores.

This translucent green fruit tastes as delicious as it looks, and with each bite, it offers a wide range of health benefits.

Amla is going to be your superhero ingredient and has been known to keep the doctors at bay - whether you have it raw, juiced, powdered, or as part of a range of jams, pickles, and dips.

Important Health Benefits of Amla:

We can go on endlessly about its benefits. But to give you an insight into the goodness of Amla, here is a list of 5 reasons why the best thing you can do for your health is to include Amla in your daily diet.

  1. Boosts your Immunity

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of focus is being put on consuming immunity boosters, Amla being one such fruit is perfect for these strange times.

Amla has antibacterial and astringent properties that help in improving the immune system. Many diseases like cancer, are caused by oxidative damage i.e. when body cells use oxygen, but leave behind harmful by-products called free radicals.

Amla is a high source of antioxidants, which can act as a great agent for oxidative damage prevention and repair.

2. Aids Weight Loss

Amla has natural characteristics that help to burn fat and curb cravings. Before a meal, drinking a glass of Amla juice will fill up your stomach enough to keep you from binge-eating. You can easily find a bottle of organic Amla juice from any online grocery shopping websites available in India.

This is all due to the Amla protein that curbs hunger. It also gives one's metabolism a great boost, helping one lose weight faster. It can also make you look less fat with its high fiber content and acids such as tannic acid.

Trying to lose weight? Ditch the unhealthy ways and include Amla in your diet.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Amla helps to reduce bad cholesterol and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

It will decrease fat accumulation in the arteries and veins. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and along with that improves overall cardiovascular health. The Amla extract has shown promise in lowering total cholesterol and triglyceride levels while also encouraging a more desirable lipid ratio balance.

4. Improve Digestive Processes

This fruit is fibrous & promotes intestinal transit with its fiber content. It also favors digestion at the level of the stomach, since it improves the action of gastric juices for food decomposition.

It is also good for relieving the heaviness of the stomach and flatulence. Amla contains fiber that helps the body control bowel movements and can reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Amla is rich in vitamin C content which aids in the absorption of other nutrients, so they may be beneficial if you take iron or other mineral supplements.

5. Natural Cosmetic

Amla powder will give you flawless skin naturally and keep it hydrated as well. Time to stop spending on expensive cosmetics and begin to get some Amla powder! By combining Amla powder you can have it as an Amla-sharbat, or apply it to your face as a face pack for a rapid glow solution.


We can now say that Amla, beyond its traditional use in culinary, supports its benefits in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. So, how are you going to have Amla today- juice, pickle or raw?

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