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Updated: Aug 19, 2021


During the difficult times with fast adjustments made for the coronavirus pandemic, utilization of digital technologies has been important for grocery services in 2021. With digitalization and online orders, grocery merchants have been able to better provide for their customers, especially as people assess health risks and seek out safe shopping options. This has highlighted the importance of the customer experience, as grocery retailers attempt to make more of an effort to connect with consumer needs through the use of analytics. Overall, the customer will continue to be the most important driver for grocery industry trends as we move into 2021.

How Online Grocery Shopping is an Offbeat Option in 2021& Beyond:

Digitalization is Empowering an Offbeat Way of Buying

In the digital world, automation is being implemented across many industries, including grocery. Many grocery retailers are considering automation as a strategic imperative to enhance store performance and brand loyalty. Automation is enabling opportunities for a replacement of shopping experience for consumers within the sort of services like subscriptions, kiosks, and sensor-based payments.

The Amazon Go app has been increasingly indicative of the longer term of automation in grocery since this automated technology allows customers to conduct their shopping without the necessity to attend during a long queue. Similarly, stores that implement automated kiosks can provide convenience by reducing the time that customers must spend at a grocery retailer, as employees pre-prepare grocery orders for patrons to select up.

Subscription services on the rise

Subscription services provide flexibility and facilitate easy shopping experiences for patrons while also benefiting grocery retailers since staple items are often shipped on a schedule that works best for the buyer which provides consistency for the grocery retailer. Additionally, subscribers tend to spend more after starting a subscription service compared to other consumers who don't participate during a subscription service.

Online Ordering Will Remain the center of attraction Post-COVID

After months of lifestyle adjustments, thanks to COVID-19, online orders for grocery retailers are expected to stay around. Online order sales are relatively stable, whilst overall grocery sales are lowered compared to the surge at the sooner stages of the pandemic in March 2020. Online grocery shopping is predicted to boom in 2021.

Major opportunities for grocery retailers

Online orders can present major opportunities for grocery retailers to accumulate new customers as omnichannel strategies become more and more widespread. Giving customers the preference to collect their groceries through options like home delivery and curbside pickup making the shopping experience even more convenient. However, the prices of fulfilling these online orders can present a challenge for the grocery retailer.

Complexities and time inefficiencies in selecting baskets for patrons make online ordering harder for grocery compared to other retailers, but these logistical issues are often mitigated.

Grocery retailers are ready to lower logistical costs

In the case of online order deliveries, some grocery retailers are ready to lower logistical costs through things like temperature-regulated lockers. Additionally, grocery retailers are utilizing micro-fulfillment warehouses to enhance online demand for services, while also enabling stores to stay fully stocked. Micro-fulfillment warehouses can combine the efficiency of warehouse picking with faster delivery speeds thanks to better proximity to customers. Robotic solutions are a choice that a lot of businesses are searching for. While online orders can provide many benefits for patrons and help grocery retailers increase business, there are still issues to be resolved in 2021, like lowering order error in late deliveries, reducing the number of missing products, and managing substitutions to avoid mistakes.

Which is the best online grocery shopping app in bangalore?

When shopping for online grocery stores as a resident of Bangalore there are various online platforms available in the internet market that can bring your supplies to your door. OTPxpress brings farm-fresh products and your daily essentials to your doorstep at an affordable price, making online and in-store grocery shopping Fast, Safe and Easy.

Here is the answer to your search - "online grocery shopping near me?"

Many apps provide online grocery shopping . One of which is Otpxpress. OTPxpress is an Omni-channel everyday essentials chain of stores that serves the customers hyper-locally through online & stores. OTPxpress brings farm-fresh products and your daily essentials to your doorstep at an affordable rate, making online and in-store grocery shopping Fast, Safe and Easy.

We currently serve in Bangalore with 50 outlets and soon expanding to all the major cities across India.

Online grocery shopping app in Bangalore

In today's age, no one has the time to the shop and buy groceries daily. The online grocery shopping app is the online platform that works on the Direct to Customer pattern and delivers groceries directly from producers. While the dealer and retail merchant reduces the cost of goods up to 30% less. 100% pure, no fake flavours, uniformity in quality, clean packaging are the focus values of Grocery Factory. The online grocery shopping apps in Bangalore collect the goods directly from producers from all over Bangalore. Customers felt very comfortable and easy grocery shopping with The online grocery shopping apps. Day by day, numbers are multiplying all over Bangalore, as online grocery shopping apps have never been so easy. This Covid-19 made everything shut down; The online grocery shopping apps helped. Just with several clicks, your grocery will get ordered. Multiple payment alternatives like Credit Card, Net Banking, Debit Card, and Cash on Delivery can place the order.


In 2021, one thing is certain: grocery eCommerce will not go away anytime soon. Customers who have never purchased online before are now doing so, not only for the sake of convenience, but also for the sake of safety, and this trend will continue.

Although many grocery retailers were befuddled and worried about the future in March and April of last year, the developments described above provide grocers with an opportunity to reckon with a year unlike any other and emerge stronger on the other hand, ready for the future of eCommerce.

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