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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

reaons why online grocery shopping is necessary

E-commerce is one of the greatest evolutions that India witnessed in the past 7-8 years and it has only evolved in 2020-21. This evolution has changed the way India functions at the very fundamental level.

Everything happens online and the availability of services and service providers on the internet has contributed the most to this change. Comfort is not a luxury anymore, but a basic requirement of our daily lives. We evolved from a time when people didn’t trust anything sold on the internet to now where people look up reviews online before making a purchasing decision at a physical store.

Most people living in cities spend their time stuck in traffic or working late hours at the workplace. This along with the reality of living in a pandemic, online grocery shopping is a worthwhile solution for these issues. Here are the reasons why online grocery shopping is necessary for today’s ever-changing lifestyle.


  1. More choices

Like any e-commerce business, online grocery stores offer a much bigger variety, in terms of products compared to native stores. Most of the large format retailers claim to possess products offered from over 1,000 brands.

It makes product discovery much simpler. Additionally, they usually allow the customers to buy imported brands that are tougher to find in local shops.

2. Delivery options

Almost all major players in this space offer same-day delivery. OTPxpress and other hyperlocal services even offer curbside pickup and in-store shopping along with the regular home delivery facility.

3. Contactless

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought to attention the need for sustainable digital solutions, in the form of digital payments, e-commerce, and contactless services. Online grocery shopping and other such hyperlocal services have been offering contactless services all through the lockdown and beyond.

Also, contactless digital payment options are faster compared to traditional payment methods.

4. Time saver

A big advantage of online grocery shopping, considering today's busy lifestyles is the amount of time and effort it can save. One can order groceries from anyplace and anywhere using their smartphones, or pick up their orders from the curb on their way back from work.

Rather than wasting time searching for the product in a physical store, one can simply search for the product they need on the app. Also, sorting out is instant one does not have to waste time standing in queues. It saves the time usually wasted in going to the stores, getting frustrated in the traffic, and coming back to the house with the same mood.

5. Deals and offers

To attract more customers, online grocery shopping stores constantly offer discounts, rewards, and loyalty points. Some websites and apps even supply daily deals with free delivery, while some bundle away combo offers to allure consumers. Online merchants and vendors can afford these discounts owing to the money they save on maintaining a physical store.

This cycle of the merchant saving money leading to the customers saving money is enabled because of the disruptive e-commerce infrastructure.

Some companies also choose to incentivize customers through loyalty points on purchases which can be later redeemed against their online purchases. Like most e-commerce websites, you can also avail vouchers and coupon codes from UPI payment apps like G-pay, Paytm, PhonePe, and so on.

Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

  1. Buy groceries, not benefits and all the extra stuff at the grocery store!

  2. Plan before you shop, and then buy what's on the menu.

  3. Buy only once a week.

  4. Clean out your fridge before buying, and Use up what you bought before buying more.

  5. Don't buy more snacks. They are often less healthy and more expensive.

  6. Get creative and try new foods. You may find it less expensive.

  7. Shop with a calculator and add things up as you put them in your cart.

  8. Price check and shop around for discounts on items you buy regularly.

  9. Use store and manufacturer coupons when you can.

  10. Remember that smaller sizes can sometimes be a good deal.

Start a mini grocery store in a village

A grocery store, particularly those that translate into a mini grocery store business plan, is easy to start and suitable to handle. After all, they don't require a huge investment or a big sponsor and a large site to open it up.

Need of online grocery apps

Developing an online grocery app for a company is a great way to interact with consumers in a whole different way. It can improve your current advertising campaigns, social networking sites, or traditional marketing.

When opposed to a phone app, people rely on an app at a far greater rate at every sales funnel stage. People spent 18 times more frequently on the applications.

On the other hand, many big corporations may be put off from developing an app because they believe it will require a notable investment of time and money.


The overall online grocery shopping experience is not only convenient but also cost-effective & time-saving. And with the fast-paced lifestyle going rampant, online shopping is here to stay!

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