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We all know that strawberries are delicious, juicy fruits and are mostly preferred by Indians. But did you know that strawberries also contain antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients that can help in the nourishment of your skin?

When awareness spreads about the possible impact of potential harmful effects on some cosmetic products, consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to accomplish some of their skincare and body care objectives. Here are a few reasons why strawberries can be good for your skin.


  1. Natural Teeth Whitener

This may be the most interesting tip about strawberries – a tiny amount of malic acid in strawberries may help whiten your teeth. Try rubbing a sliced strawberry back and forth against your teeth for a strong, natural teeth whitening procedure. Let it soak in for a couple of minutes, then rinse your lips.

2. Protects your skin from UV Rays

Strawberries are high in antioxidants, including ellagic acid and anthocyanin. Ellagic acid added typically has been shown to decrease the skin damage caused by the sun's UV rays by inhibiting certain enzymes that lead to collagen breakdown and by reducing inflammatory reactions.

Collagen breakdown is linked to the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging in the skin. Anthocyanin, which contributes to the red color of ripe strawberries, is a powerful free radical scavenger. The breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin is linked to free radicals, which are augmented in the skin by UV light exposure.

3. Treats Puffy Eyes

If you sometimes wake up to dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning, strawberries can be helpful. Strawberries have astringent properties that can help in offering a safe way to treat puffiness in the eye region and minimize inflammation.

What you need to do is split a big strawberry in two and put the slices on your eyelids as you lay down. Taking the time to rest for about 15 minutes. Remove the slices and wash your face with cold water afterward. Repeat this activity every alternate day to see the strawberries treat your puffy eyes.

4. Healthy Nails

Biotin is an essential ingredient for good nails. Strawberries are the source of this nutrient, which contains about 1.6 mcg of biotin per cup. Folic acid and vitamin C, essential in the development of cells, are also present in strawberries, which can play a role in the growth of glossy, solid, and long nails.

Feed more strawberries as part of your diet, and these nutrients can naturally affect your hair, skin, etc.

5. Softens your Feet

If you want soft legs, you should make a combination of strawberries, glycerine, and ground oats and scrub the dead skin cells free. To use as a natural foot scrub, first, soak your feet in warm water, then apply the mixture and rub it into your skin.

The nutrients in the strawberries will treat cracks and blemishes on your feet, while the oats will dissolve dead skin cells. After rinsing it off, apply lotion and place cotton socks on your feet to keep everything in place.


You almost can’t go wrong with strawberries. If you're looking for a local source of fresh, juicy, nutritious strawberries to add to your diet or skincare routine visit your nearest OTPx store, to enjoy expertly picked strawberries.

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