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Top 6 Benefits of Organic Foods you Need to Know

Health benefits of organic foods
Top 6 Benefits of Organic Foods you Need to Know

The wave of consuming organic food is definitely catching up in India and rightly so! Our food consumption habits and lifestyle have had a drastic impact on health. In the good old days, while cancer seemed a rarity, it has become too common of late. Of course, there are undeniably several other factors that lead to certain fatal ailments.

A balanced outlook on diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way. For instance, eating organic food can be a first step. Here are some benefits of organic foods which can impact our life for the better.

Top Benefits of Organic Foods for our Health:

  1. Free of pesticides

Conventionally produced vegetables and fruits are often sprayed with insecticides, harmful pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. In contrast, an organic farmer grows his/her produce using manure, natural fertilizers, and compost. They incorporate natural ways to control worms and pests. The final product would not include any kind of chemicals.

2. Planet-friendly

Organic food production is devoid of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The use of natural methods, crop rotation, and green compost is not just good for us but also for Mother Earth. Hence, it is environmentally friendly. A wholesome diet, clean and hygienic environment go a long way to give our present family and future generation a healthy environment to live in. We save the planet as much as we save lives. And it supports the “Go Green” movement.

3. Lean and mean CLA

Organic foods are often high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA is basically a natural fatty acid that is considered as “good fats”. It helps in decreasing your urge to consume calories that are unhealthy. In short, CLA replaces the need for other “bad fats”, helping us to burn fat that is already existing in our bodies. For diet-conscious people replacing bad fats with good fats is a very valuable proposition. CLA is generally found in animal products that have been grass-fed and cultivated organically.

4. Ample Antioxidants

Recent studies have shown that organic foods tend to have a higher level of antioxidants. Antioxidants help in saving people from cancer and other frightening ailments as it boosts the immune system and has an overall positive impact on the body. They also reduce the consumption of heavy metal prevalent in conventionally grown foods. Organic food also reduces heart diseases, premature aging, and various other such illnesses.

5. A boon for our immunity

Organic agriculture is essentially a natural way of producing food, it logically is richer in vitamins and essential minerals, making it tremendously beneficial for the human immune system. Consider it the best nutritionist.

6. Preserves the future

Organic farming protects our planet as it supports our natural environment and is very environmentally friendly. This method reduces the number of pollutants, protects the soil and conserves different variants of agriculture and natural compounds, as it follows the traditional and safe methods of cultivation. All of this helps the future generation with their health and promotes a healthier and happier planet in the future.


Organically produced fruits and vegetables are obviously better than its counterpart. Looking at all these health benefits of organic foods, it is clear that organic food is miles ahead compared to genetically modified food. But they undeniably come with a much bigger price tag.

So if you can afford it, then you may order some organic fruits and vegetables from your nearest supermarket or from the OTPXpress store.

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