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The Impact of online Grocery shopping in Bengaluru

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

 The Impact of online Grocery shopping in Bengaluru
The Impact of online Grocery shopping in Bengaluru

These are the times when a home-maker in the small town of Coimbatore who traditionally buys her groceries from the local mandi, now easily buys her morning supplies the previous night, to be delivered at 8 AM just after her morning puja. It arrives on schedule and her monthly bill is attached to be paid at the end through her e-wallet with a single click. The e-store that delivers her groceries keeps a record of her data and orders and customizes reminders, requests, and choices— almost seeming to know what she would need even before she realizes it herself!

The New Focus

The paradigm shift from traditional stores to modern retail, offering online groceries says a lot about the future of the online grocery market in India. Till now the market was more inclined towards modern retail which is slowly shifting towards traditional retail. Faced with the sudden surge in demand and logistical challenges posed by Covid-19, online grocery platforms in India have swiftly revamped their strategies and adopted innovative solutions.

As Indians are bound to visit the Kirana store situated nearby next, online grocery has been growing slowly since its onset in 2010. Within the past few years, however, it picked up speed. Because the number of e-commerce users grew it had a slow but steady effect on online grocery purchases.

From barely any presence in 2010, today online grocery startups account for 40% of total e-commerce funding in India.

The Impact of Online Grocery Shopping in Bengaluru - as the right testing ground

Bengaluru is home to diverse demographics, an outsized white-collar workforce, tech-savvy consumers. These factors, combined with the well-established start-up ecosystem, make the town a perfect laboratory for e-retail.

Bengaluru may be a cross-section of true urban India. The town may be a perfect laboratory due to its cosmopolitan nature. Being the 3rd most populous city and 5th most populous urban agglomeration in India, Bengaluru holds an outsized market share while offering unparalleled retail penetration. What is often a far better place to undertake innovative grocery formats than Bengaluru?

Here is the answer to your search - "best online grocery shopping near me?"

Many store provide online grocery. One of which is Otpxpress. OTPxpress is an Omni-channel everyday essentials chain of stores that serves the customers hyper-locally through online & stores. OTPxpress brings farm-fresh products and your daily essentials to your doorstep at an affordable rate, making online and in-store grocery shopping Fast, Safe and Easy.

We currently serve in Bangalore with 50 outlets and soon expanding to all the major cities across India.


To sum it up, the emergence of internet connectivity, multiple payment options, and therefore the popularity of smart devices, combined with the growing demand for convenience by the young Indians, has created a sound base for the increase of grocery in India. However, given the logistics and SCM challenges faced by the grocery segment in India, the O2O business model is the next big thing within the Indian grocery business.

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