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10 popular varieties of bananas available in India

varieties of bananas available in India
10 popular varieties of bananas available in India

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and other essential minerals. Bananas can easily lead in that aspect. Banana contains 3% of Potassium and 13% of manganese. Besides, bananas are a great dispeller when it comes to hunger pangs.

Did you know that there are 1000 types of bananas in the world? Crazy right! While we won’t be able to talk about all those now, we have made a list of top ten varieties of bananas that grow in India.

The 10 Varieties of Bananas Available in India:

  1. Ice Cream Banana Tree

An unique name with the taste of vanilla, this variety mostly abounds in tropical areas like Hawaii, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The best temperature to grow this 15 feet growable tree is 18 degrees Celsius. The soil should be well irrigated to hold the water. It is generally blue to green in colour in appearance. It can be grown almost perennially throughout the year.

2. Manzano Banana

Manzano banana is also known as Apple Banana (without the seed of course). Known to have originated in the Philippines, but it can be found even in India. If one is looking to grow some banana in one’s backyard, this variant could be a good choice.

The fruit has a specific mixture of sweetness and sourness in its taste which makes it feel like you are eating a combination of Apple and Banana. It tastes best once ripened. It is produced in the summer and makes for a great dessert and smoothie.

3. Cavendish Banana

This is another type of banana that can be unmistakably found in all shops and supermarkets across India. In fact, it constitutes around 50% of bananas produced in India, that’s why it’s called a Common banana.

The Cavendish banana is bulky and fat and they can be grown in large quantities. It is ideally suited for tropical weather like that of India’s. It also requires moderate water and can have accelerated growth in the Indian climatic conditions.

4.Dwarf Cavendish Banana

This fruit derives its name from its plant structure which is small in height. The length of the fruit is around 13 to 14 cm and it compactly holds the fruit which looks like 8 to 10 hands covering the branch. The outer covering of the banana is thick and the fruit tapers down gradually till the tip, like narrow jeans. They can be served as dessert. The Dwarf Cavendish bananas can also be grown in one’s backyard with a good irrigation facility. It can be found throughout the year.

5.Red Banana

This is a famous Banana variety in India that owes its name to its red coloured outer thick skin. It belongs to the Cavendish group which is called Musa acuminate Colla. It is quite thick and plump. When the fruit is ripened and it’s ready to eat, the flesh looks more pinkish in colour which adds to the sweetness with a little bit of sourness to the taste. It is commonly grown in Asia, South America, East Africa, and the United Arab Emirates who then export to other countries.

6.Gros Michel

Gros Michelis is a type of banana, also known as Big Mike. Until 1950, this contributed to the majority of exports in the banana production industry. It is also produced throughout the year and is a great dessert.

7.Dwarf Plantain

Dwarf plantain is also known as the Puerto Rican Plantain banana. Its green coloured variant is raw banana and commonly known as Plantain. It is extremely easy to grow, even indoors or in a small backyard. Besides, it is also very resistant to temperature changes and drought situations. This banana can be used in some delicious and interesting recipes.


Robusta Banana is one of the most important and commercially sold banana types. Originated in Tamil Nadu, this variety is medium-sized, measuring around 15 to 20 cm. The yield from this plant is quite large in quantity and weighs around 20kg per bunch. The fruit is harvested for a duration of 12 to 13 months after planting.


It is a unique variety of banana that comes from Kerala. In its ripened state it is used in different cuisines locally. They are most commonly used to make banana rolls, fries and of course, the famous banana chips. Nendran is good for consumption even after 2-3 days after fully ripening which is an amazing perk that comes with this variety of bananas.

10.Grand Naine Banana

This type of banana is also called the Chiquita banana. It also belongs to the Cavendish family. The fruit is included in the AAA genotype where the fruit is seedless. It is commonly grown in the tropical regions of India, Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. This fruit is one of the biggest economic drivers for all tropical countries. It is resistant to most diseases and can bear even some of the extreme climatic conditions.


India is not just known for its diversity in culture, food habits and linguistic differences, but it’s also well known for its variety of bananas. The tropical weather and humidity of the country is ideal. The types of bananas and their specific health benefits have motivated people around the world to consume all kinds of bananas. Consume bananas not just as a fruit but also blend them with a dessert like custard or enjoy it as a vegetable in a traditional Indian curry.

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