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The 5 things you can do to support local businesses around you

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Things you can do to support local businesses
The 5 things you can do to support local businesses around you

Small local businesses have suffered as a result of businesses being forced to temporarily close and people remaining at home. Some of this will be temporary, but others will be forced to close their doors permanently. The government is doing all it can in terms of financial assistance and other measures, but there is only so much that can be done and for how long. It will be up to us, the local communities and consumers, to help these businesses in the end. Let’s look at a few ways we can support local businesses.

Things you can do to support local businesses around you:

1.Writing referrals and reviews

With 85% of business owners claiming that referrals account for the majority of their business, word of mouth is possibly the best way to bring in new customers. Positive reviews indicate to potential consumers that a business is reputable and has been supported by actual people who have used the product or service. The number one biggest way you can support a business is to share as much as you can. This includes your family, friends, and also your social media handles if you can. If you had a positive experience with a shop, it means the world to the small business owner, when you give them a good review on social media which also helps with the audience reach. If you are a small business owner don't be afraid to contact past customers and suggest that they write a sentence or two about their experience with your business.

2.Choose curbside or in-store pickup instead of shipping

Shipping during busy days can be a pain even at the best of times, but with reduced hours and longer delivery times due to COVID-19 precautions, opting for local pickup instead can really benefit a small business. If you're able to do it, curbside pickup also means you won't have to pay shipping costs or deal with order delays and it’s an overall convenient experience.

3. Skip the big format store

While most people shop for food and other essentials at big format stores, a growing number of restaurants and cafes are now offering grocery and supply pickup or delivery. Buying what you need from a local company is a smart way to help them stay afloat through rough times. This helps us in going ‘Vocal for Local’ as well.

4.Engaging with them online

Do more than just like their social media posts if you really want to help your favourite businesses reach a wider audience and communicate with new customers. On platforms like Instagram, algorithms prioritise posts based on how many saves, shares, and feedback they get, with post likes being the least important factor. It can be extremely beneficial in terms of spreading the word on how their company has adjusted to evolving restrictions and reaching new markets. When doors are ready to open, yell loudly and confidently about their excellent efforts to provide a secure shopping experience for loyal customers. Share local restaurant delivery menus, ties to live classes, and any special deals you've come across that others might not have noticed.

5.Offer your skills to help small businesses

This is another great way to support local businesses. Because, small businesses need assistance with internet marketing, setting up online stores, distribution, logistics, and other areas as a result of being obligated to rapidly transition to selling online. If you have some free time and resources, you could offer to donate your talents, sell them at a discount, or work out a trade that works for both of you.

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Small-scale shopping is one way we can contribute. Sure, it's not like we're on the front lines, but the more we help small business owners and entrepreneurs, the more vibrant our economy will be once things settle down. It makes sense to cut down on discretionary expenses in these unpredictable times, but if you do need anything, supporting a small business makes a difference — to the community and the economy.

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