• Aman Sonkar

Time for more protein

Coronavirus has been with us all the time since the beginning of the universe. It has never

harmed us until they came into our food chain. According to the scientist, it existed into bat,

and then somehow, they came into our food chain. Coronavirus is highly capable of copying

and mutating to survive. As survival is more important, isn’t it that it came to us because of

our need for survival.

Protein consumption has considered essential to complete the nutritional important as well

as recommended by various doctors. Protein mainly comes from non-vegan products except

soybeans. Meat has been a great source of protein, and different delicacy has been tried

and tested with excellent reviews worldwide. But as pandemic has hit the world. These

animals considered to be a danger as the chance of spread of the virus. So, people have

started to avoid going for meat purchases. So, is this the era of change? Now consumers are

eating more meat and seafood at home during the covid-19 pandemic. Is now the time to

offer more protein direct-to-consumer.

Stock out, overpricing, frozen meat, in-store purchasing, etc., are new problems that

consumers face due to lockdown and restricted moment of goods and services.

The Indian meat market – relatively nascent with a significant growth headroom – is

expected to reach $80-85 billion by 2024 and is up for disruption by branded players,

especially in the online space good news is the perception of frozen and safety packing are

relatively good among gen z buyer and urbanities. A survey has done by Deloitte has cleared

out the mist from reality as data suggests a significant difference in how consumers view

meat and seafood versus food products generally, which may provide DTC an advantage.

While many consumers surveyed believe fresh food is superior to frozen in terms of its

health properties, when asked about meat and seafood specifically, most consumers say

that frozen is just as good as fresh.

Based out of Massachusetts, Butcher box is a firm delivering high-quality meats from farms

to customers as they follow high-quality standards around their business. Their products

tend to be pricier too. But India, as a country where there is a massive consumption of meat

and high soaring prices, has enormous potential in Direct-to-consumer produce. Few of the

companies panning out in India and offering a wide range of meat of chicken, goats, and

fishes. Companies like freshtohome, Licious, meatmachali, zappfresh, etc., offer meat

delivery services through various channels. One thing which is working out for these is meat

delivery as soon company gets order for whatever the size of the order. Secondly, as we

earlier talked about preservatives, and packaged food still sounds fresh.

Well, time awaits when we will have innovation which will improve the industry by filling all

the demand for protein

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